4h forex strategy

will be adjusted with each following candle in the direction of profitable trade. The zone in the middle becomes no trade zone, typical with indecisive market momentum signalizing market range. Used tools and indicators, commodity channel index (CCI 200) High calculation period is used together with buy above / sell below zone. Once it closes, we place pending buy stop order at its high. We can't expect the move to continue for very long. Placed at opposing end of signal candle. We will be looking for bearish candle with defined range.

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I then look for the price to come back, to add to the position. CCI trending below sell below zone (-25 in test). Trailing stop loss is placed at the high of the signal candle extra deviation. If you can't trade with profit. We will be looking for bullish candle with defined range. Disclaimer: Expert advisor was tested for profitability on historical data. EMA on H4 chart. Signal candle (60 150 pips). To improve entry accuracy trend and range filter (CCI) is used. This move, can be caught with pending order awaiting market continuation at closed candle high/low.

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