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into your Google, Facebook, or Dropbox accounts. You are the only person who is meant to have a private key. We use Trezor to store, send, and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Augur, Ethereum Classic, ZCash and 10 more types of ERC-20 cryptocurrencies and would highly recommend. Keylogger, or replaces client binary). Read the section Spending From a Paper Wallet here. We do not recommend them. Fo is the best paper wallet option out there in our opinion. KeepKey, Ledger Nano S and Trezor, a hardware wallet is a physical device that holds your cryptocurrency wallets private keys isolated from your computer and invulnerable to most common attacks.

Member, offline, activity: 72 Merit: 10 t309 Legendary Offline Activity: 1932 Merit: 1000.B.M. He previously led data, growth and analytics at big data startup Accompany (20M Series B). We do not recommend buying on Amazon, as resellers could hypothetically tamper with the hardware before shipping. One-time-password and half-signed transactions are sent to the server.

If you use a hardware wallet, keep your paper recovery seed somewhere safe. Apply basic security common sense Do not use the same password in multiple services. Use of OTP authenticator limits loss of coins to whatever mitigation policy is in place on the server. While we still would recommend a hardware wallet if you have a lot of money invested in cryptocurrency, Coinbase Vault is a good, safe bet for keeping small amounts of tokens secure. Attacker compromises computer and server. Motivating use case, usage: Coins are sent into the wallet via P2SH 2-of-2 address(es).

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