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natures. Swampert, Mudkips final evolution, is a bulky Physical Attacker. For example: Mudkip is a Water type Pixelmon. 20 IVs is considered great, 10-19 is Average and 1-9 is bad. Training, eV yield 3 Special Attack, catch rate 45 (5.9 with PokéBall, full HP).

Info Forge und Pixelmon Download Immer aktuell! Training Pixelmon : A Complete Guide. Finding a good Pixelmon for your team isn't as simple as catching the one you want.

Why is this Important?! You can find this on many websites like Bulbapedia, Serebii and wiki. The stab bonus is applied to the move power, before the stat. This goes for other stats as well. If a Pixelmon has 31 Attack IVs and 100 base Attack it will have 131 attack at Lvl 100. (I have yet to figure out the exact difference between the two). Natures, natures affect pixelmon in different ways. It sinks into another dimension, where it keeps a patient watch for its chance to attack. This is explained in more detail in the next sections. Diamond It hides in shadows. Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type Pokémon. Advanced: To Calculate the damage of a move you can multiply the Stat by the Power (as if the power was a percentage) Surf will deal 90 of the Pixelmons Special Attack and Waterfall will deal 80 of the Pixelmons Attack.

There are many values that change your Pixelmon's stats.
This guide will go over all of these in basic and advance detail.
(This guide may take a while to complete).