bitcoin transaction build

to be more of a synthetic learning experience, rather than an analytic one, so do not get lost in the details. Getting a bit more complicated: My bitcoin wallet doesnt actually hold my bitcoin. Settings making even better! I did not find any online tool, that you could use for that so I built a little software that will help you with. Here is a description of all of the fields: Transaction Properties Create a raw transaction Lets create a transaction from scratch!

Please refer to the Segwit chapter for further details. I will skip the explanation and leave you with the job of figuring out what the in:prev_out:n should be in the transaction you are creating. Because I own this address, I can get the public key for my address: bitcoin-cli -regtest validateaddress. As an exercise try to find them. Input Count: 01, input 1 Previous Output Hash : input 1 Previous Output Index : 00000000, input 1 script length : 0x17 (23 bytes input 1 signature script : Input 1 sequence : feffffff, output Count: 02, output 1 Value: 00ca9a3b00000000 (1B satoshis /. Each input object requires the previous transaction hash, prevout index, input sequence and input script. code I want to create a transaction /code Great, here is a template for your transaction: "hash "d21633ba23f be58a ad37967e2aa461559f577aec43 "ver 1, "vin_sz 0, "vout_sz 0, "lock_time 0, "size 10, "in, "out Specify its inputs and outputs for me First the inputs What is the.

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