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is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. Bitcoin network and improve its scalability which was a maximum block size of 8MB instead of a fixed number.e.1MB. The change in block sizer means transaction fees would be lower. Countdown, timer to, bitcoin, cash, hardfork here 1:1, bitcoin, cash for, bitcoin, note again you will receive 1:1 BCH for every BTC you own (e.g. Its time that we take a deep dive and get to know what we are in for May. Bitcoin, cash here bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain. Scams, Spam, Duplicates, User Stalking, Excessive Profanity Blatant User or Mod Abuse will result in removal of posts and in some cases the user will be banned.

This upgrade will result in two separate chains but only the new one will hold any economic value and the old one will simply become obsolete meaning no exchanges will accept. Do you think with this hard fork, BCH price will cross the 1,500 level and hit the 2,000 mark?

Wbasiert der eth auf dem selben systen wie der bitcoin
How to get bitcoins from a private key

Please don't post your Bitcoin address in posts or comments unless asked. Tomorrows BCH hard fork is different in the how long to confirm bitcoin gold shares fashion that it might be a hard fork but you wont be receiving any new coins. Share your thoughts with us! For all other rules set globally by reddit, please read the content policy. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet. Many such as, coinbase are not.